The Company


The company was established on 13 March 2014 from the collaboration of two leading companies in the food and wine industry, with the aim to lay the foundations for a major industrial project intended to allow customers of yesterday and today to have the option to choose from an excellent alternative to what the current market offers.

In August 2015, another company already on the market, Uni-Eb, became part of Muselet OL.

MUSELET OL is specialised in the production of wide eye, and standard belt free wire cages for restraining corks; the primary market it targets is a high value market which requires excellent quality and ever more advanced technologies, but at the same time it intends to meet the needs of all its customers according to their respective markets.

The group's production plants are built to our company's specifications and can satisfy every need: Highly flexible, innovative and fast, they ensure our production is of HIGH QUALITY, RELIABLE and DURABLE over time.

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